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Errors the Novice Hiker Makes

Hiking trails that are strenuous and unsuitable for beginners or those with a fear of heights are just one of the mistakes that novice hikers make.  They are generally out of shape and even though they are exhausted, cranky and […]

Double Check Your Gear and Safety Tips – It’s Deer Season!

Are you sitting there reading this article in your bright orange hunting clothing and accessories just waiting for deer hunting season to start?  Well, it’s literally just around the corner so we thought it would be a good time to […]

Fishing Helps Spark Romance in Relationships

How to make someone fall for you, hook, line and sinker – take them fishing or boating – or both! It’s a fact: two-thirds of couples go fishing or boating with their spouse or significant other, showcasing the benefits of […]

The Lighthouse – A Glimmering Monument to Maritime History

The lighthouse represented the final stretch and possibly the most hazardous part of a long voyage to weary sailors of days gone by.  Today, it represents a glimmering monument to the history of the maritime community.  Whatever meaning we attach […]

What Die-Hard Boaters do During the Winter

The first signs of winter are beginning to appear along the Gulf Coast so we were curious about what die-hard boaters do during the cold winter months.  Come to find out the majority of boaters stay connected to their favorite […]