Sea and land lovers come together for one spectacular event as the Houston Boat Show combines with the Houston Auto Show with over 200 vendors and lots of fun things to do!

FISH-O-RAMA: Inspire the love and joy of fishing

Whether you are young or just young at heart, you won’t want to miss the Boat Show tradition at Fish-O-Rama. Fish-O-Rama is a great opportunity to introduce kids to the challenge of fishing at our fully stocked rainbow trout tank.  Come by, grab one of the already baited fishing poles, and get ready to hook your own prize rainbow trout. Personnel are on hand to help with your catch. Anglers can keep or release their fish, and staff will even bag it for you to take home. Plan on hanging around the show? No problem; they can even keep your catch on ice until you are ready to reel it in for the day.