While much of the United States is still under a blanket of snow, there are a few signs that spring is right around the corner here in Houston.

With each passing day, the sun gets higher in the southern sky and it’s just a matter of time before this crazy weather pattern finally breaks.  Now is the time to prepare for spring fishing season!

Here are a few tips to help you get organized:

Organize your gear: If you’re like most, you have lures, jigs or leaders tucked away in every pocket of your tackle bag from your last fishing trip.  Take a few minutes to organize your gear.

Pull down your tackle bag: Again, most of us toss our tackle bag onto a garage shelf in the fall and never think about it again until spring.  Bring it down, dust it off and take out all of your tackle so you can go through it.  Replace worn jig skirts or spinner bait and throw away torn up soft plastic lures and then put everything back in the bag where you can find it easily.

Organize your tackle: This is especially important if you fish from different platforms for different species of fish i.e. fishing for large-mouth bass from a motor boat.  Lures and tackle can be easily turned into a big mess by the end of fishing season.

Upgrade your fishing rods or reels: Now is the time to look for good deals as the large catalog outfitters are putting their fishing items on sale to make room for newer models.  Yes, it’s always nice to buy the latest models but there isn’t anything wrong with the rods and reels from a year ago and you can find them for 50 percent off or more right now. This also goes for fishing waders, fishing vests and wade boots as well as waterfowl or dear gear.

Respool your reels: The only connection between you and the fish is the line and it’s cheap for the most part.  For less than the cost of a large candy bar, you can respool your reel with monofilament line.  Even using fluorocarbon line costs less than the Whataburger meal you had for lunch.  Remember, fishing line weakens as it is exposed to sunlight, water and use.  You don’t want your line breaking just as you hook a huge large-mouth bass!

Study maps of lakes and rivers: Wherever you plan to fish this year, take a few minutes to study the maps of the lakes and rivers.  By studying the maps, you will find points that extend well out into the lake, river rock bars and underwater humps.

Give yourself a leg up on everyone else by getting organized before spring fishing season begins!  Oh – and don’t forget to buy your 2014 fishing license!  Your 2013 license expires February 28th!

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