All of us love being on the water whether it’s a lake, a pool, a pond or an ocean and the vast majority of us love being on a boat! Since most water and boating activities are family oriented and also include our beloved pets, we thought it would be a great idea to share some water safety tips for our fur babies from

1. Not all dogs are good swimmers.

In fact, some dogs don’t swim well or naturally and can drown as fast (or faster) than a person. Don’t assume your dog will take to the water and be able to stay afloat. Try him out in shallow water before a big excursion.

2. Preserve a life. 

If you’re out in a boat or raft, your dog should have a life preserver on – no exceptions! It not only will keep him afloat, it makes him easier to spot and gives you something to grab if he jumps or falls in.

4. Keep your dog close!

3. Sink or swim?

Dogs that are heavy on land are way heavier in the water when you’re trying to pull them back into your boat. Make sure you can handle your dog out of your and his natural environments.

Even dogs that swim well can tire very quickly, even faster than you, because they don’t understand the concept of resting or treading water – they just swim and swim, until they can’t anymore. When swimming with your dog, don’t let him or her swim too far away from you, because he/she could get into trouble quickly.

5. Don’t force your dog into the water.

If your dog doesn’t like the water, don’t make him go in! It could scare him and won’t be fun for him at all!

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