Have you ever been fishing with a friend who hasn’t really fished before and found yourself doing everything including pulling every anchor and handing them your rod when a snook pulls just so they can feel like a fisherman? Or, have you been fishing with the guy who fishes with one line out as well as multiple dead-stick lines? How about the people who yell “I see a fish” or “fish ON” when you’re trying to catch that big red?

When you go fishing with someone, it is very important that you consider whose boat you’re on as well as the people you have invited to join you on your boat. It is possible for you to be an awesome fisherman and a lousy fishing partner. Because of this, it might just be the last invitation you get!

To keep this from happening, here are some fishing etiquette tips:

  • Make sure to treat other anglers as you want to be treated
  • Don’t run over another anglers fishing lines – your time on the water isn’t any more important than someone else’s
  • If you’re through fishing, share your bait – offer it to someone else instead of tossing it
  • If someone is obviously working a certain spot, don’t get on top of them
  • Even if you have plenty of room for your boat, always approach another boat slowly and ask if they mind you fishing next to them
  • One thing that will irk a seasoned boat captain is climbing aboard without permission. The proper etiquette is “Permission to board, Captain?”
  • If you treat the waters around you like the deck of another angler’s boat you won’t have any problems
  • When you are on the water or near the water and you see garbage – pick it up!
  • Now that you’ve picked it up – dispose of it properly
  • Spilling oil or gasoline into the water is a major no no – don’t let it happen!
  • Catch and release the fish you do not plan to eat or take home to your freezer
  • Don’t be uncaring – in other words, don’t fight the fish until they float to the surface. Land the fish quickly using great attention to caring for them.

Fishing etiquette is really the same as daily etiquette – be nice to people – do unto others as you would like done to you. The boating and fishing experience will be so much better if everyone is respectful while they’re on the water.

Do you have any boating/fishing etiquette tips to share?

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