When you are shopping around for a fish finder, you should always look at the screen size first. It’s tempting to go for the best technology in your budget, but here’s a little secret: if you go for the biggest and best screen in your budget, you’ll get the technology with it!

Where you will position the fish finder(as a part of your dash, or on top of your dash, etc) will also help you decide the size you want to go for. If the fish finder is going to be right in front of your eyes at all times, you can get by with a smaller screen size(and a smaller budget), since it shouldn’t be too hard to see.

If you are planning on keeping it a little further away, you want to consider larger screens, since they will be much easier to see. Remember, in a running boat, there is going to be spray, sunlight, insects, and a whole lot of things in your environment that might make it harder for you to see the screen.

As a final takeaway, remember that the larger the screen, the more you can see – 30 feet of water will look much less cramped on a 10 inch screen than a 5 inch screen!

The graphic below will show you the proportions of different fish finder units’ screen sizes. There are common Apple products added to the graphic to give you a better idea. Enjoy!


Guest post by: Shabbir Noor

Source: www.fishfindersource.com

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