Yay! It’s almost time for outdoor activities. We can feel it – spring is almost here and that means summer isn’t too far behind! It also means it’s time to get our white bodies back into shape!

Once spring hits, that means schools are on break which also means water activities and beach retreats.  There are a lot of other things you can do besides going to the beach to get a good workout – let’s take a look at a few:


Better known as stand-up-paddle-boarding!  This sport is making a huge impact across the country not only along the coast but in other areas that only have access to lakes and rivers.  It’s become very popular where man-made and natural lakes are predominant. SUP also gives your body quite a work out and helps strengthen your core muscles as well as improve your cardio-respiratory system.

Hit the Slopes

We have seen record snowfall all throughout the U.S. this winter and there is still plenty left on the slopes.  Some areas will be available for skiing through the end of June.

This is another great workout for your legs and core muscles.  Keep in mind that with the decrease in oxygen and higher altitude, your body will have to work harder when it comes to your cardio-respiratory system but you’ll be having too much fun and burning all those calories to worry about it.

Another reason for hitting the slopes are the discounts – most resorts have better packages during the spring so check online before booking your trip.

Run in the Pool

Not fond of swimming laps? Try running in the water or use a kickboard to move yourself through the water. Make a contest of kickboarding from one end of the pool to the other and alternate with running from one end to the other.

Take a Hike

Want to make yourself extremely proud? Try hiking one of our local peaks or even a regional mountain within driving distance. Keep in mind when traveling further north – some mountains will still be closed due to freezing temperatures and snowfall. Call ahead to make sure they are open; some very popular places to hike use a lottery system. This is a great sport to get friends and family involved in!

Wear a Pedometer

Going on a spring outing to an amusement park or local fair? Wear a pedometer! While you’re there, keep track of the distance you’re walking. You’ll be surprised at how fast the steps add up. Try to walk 10,000 steps or a distance of 5 miles while you’re there. This will keep your body moving and the guilt won’t be so bad when you’re eating that big smoked turkey leg or that giant slice of pizza.

All of these are available right here in Houston or no more than a 30 minute drive outside of Houston so make it a point to get out there and get moving this spring!

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