One can always gain a little insight into a fisherman’s psyche by the type of boat he owns and more so by the name he/she gives their boat.

There are a lot of places to see boats but fishing tournaments are usually the best place to view all types of boats – with names proudly printed for all to see!

Here’s a few that made the top of our list:

Aqua Holic

Sea Sceptre


Rod Confusion

Clean Livin’

Fishin’ Impossible

Nice Rods

Reel Tight

Rock Bottom

Knot Workin’


It’s Real Reel


Wave Buster

Logan’s Run

Bad Attitude

Campbell’s Sloop

Baits Motel



Sin or Swim

Cirrhosis of the River

Shameless Hooker



Marlin Monroe

Yeah Buoy


Taco the Town

Vitamin Sea

Amy’s Wine House

Aboat Time


Wasted Seamen

Piece of Ship

Ship Happens

No Snivelling

Picking your boat name should be something you take a little time with! Don’t settle for the very first thing that pops in your mind.

If you have ever owned a boat or have planned to buy one, you’ll ultimately have to name your boat and purchase boat lettering. It is seemingly an easy step but you’ll soon find naming a boat is far from an easy task for most of us.

There are a few basic things you should know ahead of time. Painted on boat lettering is generally done by a local lettering artist (preferably one with boat lettering experience). The quality of the lettering will depend on the experience of the craftsman and his brush.

If you decide to have your boat lettering hand painted, a marina is a great place to start. Not only will you see many examples of how others have displayed their boat name, you might also ask the marine operator for a few references for your own painted on project.

What’s your boats name?  Leave it here in the comments and we’ll add it our next list!

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