ground blindWhen hunters talk about blinds they are not referring to not being able to see.  They are referring to a location utilized and designed for hunting. Over the last few years the popularity of the ground blind has exploded.  They are safe and easy to set up. They can be built in open areas that have very little cover and they conceal movement. Blinds are great alternatives to tree stands and a tool that should not be overlooked, but to have consistent success with ground blinds some things must be done.

When hunting deer from a ground blind, you must brush it into cover such as bushes, tree limbs, grass, cattails, hay bales, corn stalks or whatever is available blend it in. Deer often will not tolerate just the blind sitting alone. Take your time covering the blind up and make it look as natural as possible. Put brush over the top as well as on the sides to help take down the shine on your blind and camouflage it as well. A few extra minutes brushing your blind in can make all the difference in having deer walk by unalarmed or having a deer sit there for an hour blowing and stomping. Ruining the hunt for the night and educating the deer for making future hunts less productive.

Another tip that will help deer move by your blind unalarmed is to keep screens up in front of you. These screens’ help conceal your movement better giving you more of a chance to draw and also can make it a good tool to help take out a young hunter or child. Open windows without screens give a black hole appearance to deer. For some reason deer find those holes to be very unnerving. It is advised to practice a couple of times before you shoot through a screen. Keeping blinds as dark as possible inside helps greatly with concealing movement. By keeping all windows behind you shut, you will not get silhouetted by the light behind you. Keeping a minimal amount of windows open will help conceal you and keep you invisible to passing deer.

Choosing black clothing for hunting from a blind is recommended.  Most blind interiors are black inside so this makes it harder for the deer to see movement inside. This allows you to draw your bow and make movement when necessary without the worry of being busted by game. Wear your camouflage clothes to and from blind but have black cover-ups ready to help achieve complete concealment in the blind. Some people even go as far as having completely black bows for greater concealment on the draw.

Blinds can be very effective if a few rules are followed and the extra time is taken to do them right. They are a great tool to have in your arsenal and something that should be utilized in certain situations. Make sure to practice blind setups and shoot out of the blind before the woods to make the transition to hunting out of a ground blind a success.

Source: “Deer Hunting with Ground Blinds.” Archery Country. Web. 19 June 2013.

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