cool campingWe all love summer and it is most assuredly upon us.  Camping is a popular activity in Texas. Warm weather camping can be challenging with the nonnegotiable dynamics of the intense heat we all have come to know and love in Texas. Camping gear remains the same throughout the year but there are certain steps you can take and gear choices you can make that will make it easier to bear the scorching heat of summer.

All of your bedding should be lighter and cooler than the bedding you take on your fall, winter and even spring camping trips. The lighter gear will also save room and weight if you’re backpacking or need to hike in to your site, making those hikes a little less sweaty. You might want to invest in a lightweight, nylon sleeping bag. Aside from that, you’ll only need to pack a couple of sheets or blankets and an appropriate sleeping pad. Your summertime sleeping pad should be light and airy. Though inflatables are the lightest and coolest, closed cell pads are not as prone to damage or popping.

If you plan on making camping a regular event, it is a good idea to purchase a quality tent. Remember that camping in Texas can be hot but you also have to be prepared for some significant storm activity. You will want a tent that can handle all extreme weather, keeping you cool and dry. Rain flies, taped seams, good ventilation, wind resistance and other features to keep water, bugs and heat out are key things to look for when buying your summer tent.

A cooler will be a necessity for camping.  Choose a cooler that suits your camping style.  It needs to be easy to transport from site to site. In the summer heat, it’s usually a good idea to bring two coolers: one for your food stuff and one for your drinks. Keep lots of extra ice in the drink cooler and you can add it to your food cooler when you need to. Most experienced campers invest in a water purifier for lakes and rivers.  Lugging water to and from a campsite can be tedious. If you do not have a water purifier, you will need pots and a stove to boil water.

Sunburn has been known to ruin many vacations.  Camping vacations are no different. Bring plenty of sunscreen. Insect repellant is just as important as sunscreen. Pesky flies, even more annoying bites are rampant in the summertime and can possibly be detrimental to your health.

Campsites are going to be buzzing soon with campers. Fishing, hiking, and camping activities will be much more enjoyable if your camping gear is cool and light. Keep this in mind as you purchase your summer camping gear.

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