Texas wade fishingWade fishing is a popular type of saltwater fishing in the state of Texas. The wade fishing along the Texas coast from Texas City to Corpus Christi is abundant. Kemah is a popular wade fishing spot, as well. Popular spots are around old pilings and piers. There are two forms of wade fishing: the bays and the surf.  A distinct advantage of bay fishing, however, is not having to contend with the surf. But many do love to fish in the surf because of the interesting catches that can occur.

If you plan to wade in the colder months, you will definitely need a good pair of waders. There are numerous brands available, but the most important thing to consider when shopping for waders is how they fit. You will want them to fit snug, and you will also want to wear a belt. If for some reason you go down, this will prevent them from filling with water and becoming an anchor. For the colder months you might consider neoprene waders to help keep warm.

If you choose not to wear waders in the warmer months you will most likely want to invest in a good pair of wading shoes. You will be wading through mud and shell at some point and need something that will not get pulled off your feet, and will withstand the sharp edges of the shell. The first couple weeks of spring are generally borderline “wet wading” weather. Water temperatures are still cool enough to be uncomfortable early and late in the day. In this instance a pair of lightweight, breathable waders can be invaluable.

You might also want to consider a wading belt to carry your gear. And again there are many different brands and options available. Some things to consider when choosing a wading belt are fit and storage. Wading can take its toll after several hours; you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible, so choose a belt that fits well.

When wading, it is important to travel light, but carry all of the necessities. Pack all you care to in the boat, but when you get in the water keep it basic. A small box with a pair each of six lures or fly patterns should suffice. An extra leader and spool of tippet can be slipped in a shirt pocket. Forceps are lighter than needle nose pliers and work well to remove hooks or pinch down barbs.

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