green boatingWith the rising price of gas, there is more focus on green boats, with talk of electric motors and hybrid similar to those in cars. Development of green boats is still in its infancy, but it could become a lucrative new segment of the boating industry. There have been an increasing number of energy-efficient, green boats, as well as those with low carbon footprints. In addition to this, there are things boaters can do to contribute to environmentally friendly boating.  Use the right prop.  Use a prop with the right pitch so your engine reaches its designed wide-open throttle RPM. Modular props let you swap props while keeping the same hub.  This reduces fuel consumption and improves performance.

Never push water.  Install and use trim tabs or hydrofoils. Most planing powerboats can improve hole-shot acceleration or reduce fuel consumption with properly adjusted trim tabs and hydrofoils. Keeping on a plane at lower engine RPMs can extend your range and reduce your time on passages.  This too saves gas. Keep The Bilge Clean: Avoid the accidental discharge of oily water by using a sorbent in each bilge area. Consider a bioremediation product designed to convert hydrocarbons into safe compounds.  This reduces water pollution and is actually safer. Recycle old batteries.  Twelve volt batteries are among the most recycled products in the world.  This saves money and conserves resources.

Prevent fuel spills.  Install a device to prevent overboard discharges from your tank. Use autopilot. Modern autopilots steer better and are not distracted easily.  This reduces fuel consumption.

There are also some useful tips for reducing fuel usage.  Slower boating speeds are beneficial and increase safety. Proper uses of trim tabs reduce drag.  Minimize the amount of time idling on the dock along with minimal use of onboard generators. Use dock-side electrical power when available. Keep the hull clean. A well-tuned engine uses less fuel. Always use the grade of gasoline specified by the boat manufacturer.

Many marine cleaning products developed today demonstrate a commitment to clean water. Companies have developed non-toxic based biodegradable boat soaps, which have a minimal impact on the aquatic environment. There is also color safe, oxygen release gels and cleansers that remove spots off of boats without using bleach or other hazardous materials.

Innovative companies in our industry have developed ways to extend the life of batteries in harsh marine environments. Some products are designed to reduce premature battery failure caused by periods of inactivity. These systems utilize the power of the battery and return it as a surge or pulse. These products can also revive many older batteries back to their original state.

With the rising cost of gas and the environmental concerns, green boating has made its presence known.  Simple adjustments can save energy and maintain the environment.  Everybody wins.

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