Do you own a boat?  Is there an avid boater in the family?  If you are stumped and unable to come up with ideas for the holiday season, here are some ideas that should please any boat captain.

Boaters love boat name polos and t-shirts.  Nautical apparel is appealing to all boaters.

Marine Binoculars are great gift ideas.  Give a gift of “super” vision to your favorite mariner. Whether for help in navigating or for sightseeing, marine binoculars make a thoughtful gift every boater will appreciate.

If your favorite boater is hooked on fishing, a fish finder makes a great gift. They’ll thank you with every catch!

Water toys that boaters of any age will love!  Towables are a great family-friendly way to ratchet up the fun factor of every on-the water outing.

Send the gift of reading material to get them through the off-season!  With discounted offers boating magazines offered at this time of year, you are sure to find the perfect stocking stuffer.

If the boater in your family is also a gadget lover, the Dry Case is a must-have accessory!  It waterproofs and protects any electronic gadget.

Family board games for evenings out on the boat are great items to keep on board for family entertainment.  Also, DVD’s to play and enjoy family time together when your boat is docked or anchored is great entertainment and also make great gifts.

Although boaters can buy dock and anchor lines that are already spliced at one end, they are more expensive than buying line and splicing it on your own. Giving the gift of instruction in line splicing will save money, but will also fulfill a true boater’s desire for all things related to the sea by giving them a hobby within a hobby. Choose from either an instructional book, such as The Splicing Handbook, or by DVDs available through quality marine supply stores.

Why not give the gift of a boating course or even a private boating instructor? With today’s advancements in online learning, boaters can learn via the internet or in a traditional classroom setting through organizations such as the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Imagine being able to connect to the people and data that matter most – in the places and times that traditional communications don’t always work.  This is certainly a luxury many boaters would enjoy.

Boats come in all sizes and shapes.  Boat owners often wait many years to become boat owners.  Gifts for and about the boat will be welcome by any boat lover.

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