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You Bought an ATV – Now What?

Operating an ATV is definitely a big responsibility and can be an intimidating process for the rookie driver.  We all want to believe that we are natural at teaching others how to drive; the fact is there are many […]

Errors the Novice Hiker Makes

Hiking trails that are strenuous and unsuitable for beginners or those with a fear of heights are just one of the mistakes that novice hikers make.  They are generally out of shape and even though they are exhausted, cranky […]

Fishing Helps Spark Romance in Relationships

How to make someone fall for you, hook, line and sinker – take them fishing or boating – or both! It’s a fact: two-thirds of couples go fishing or boating with their spouse or significant other, showcasing the benefits […]

What Die-Hard Boaters do During the Winter

The first signs of winter are beginning to appear along the Gulf Coast so we were curious about what die-hard boaters do during the cold winter months.  Come to find out the majority of boaters stay connected to their […]

Wet or Dry Storage?

Wet and dry storage are two common methods for stowing a boat when it isn’t in use. Wet storage is when you store your boat in the water or in a wet slip. Dry storage ensures your boat is […]

Spooky Nights in Galveston

Looking for something to do on Halloween?  Check out the activities going on in Galveston: The Hotel Galvez & Spa: A Wyndham Grand® Hotel and National Trust Historic Hotel of America, invites guests to celebrate Halloween with its annual […]

Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Boat

To differentiate themselves in the marketplace, new boat builders have had to improve on their products.  Light emitting diodes or LED lighting have become standard equipment on vessels manufactured by high-end builders like SeaRay, Sabre, Hatteras, Trinity, Nordhaven, Morris […]

Flats Fishing in Texas

Trout and red fish go deep in the winter and the only way to catch them is to fish deep.  This is a very common misconception by coastal anglers.  Yes, during the coldest months they do seek the warmth […]

Grab Your Chairs, Blankets and Pillows

You finally got into boating and now you’re probably wondering how many times you will actually get out on the water.  Don’t limit your outings to a few hours here and there skiing with friends or family; find other […]

Dream Adventure Checklist

Run a marathon. Visit the rainforest. Backpack through Europe. You might have a to-do list for chores around the house, work tasks or errands, and while those are all intended to keep you on track for the more mundane, […]

Gadgets Every New Boat Owner Needs

No matter the size of the boat or what season it is, there are always a lot of gifts and gadgets that a new boat owner might need.  Even though the holiday season is right around the corner and […]

Outdoor Adventures for Kids

The great outdoors are full of wonderful adventures for kids. If you want to encourage your children to get active, try to make sure they have positive experiences. It’s always easier to get them engaged when past adventures are […]

Spouting Boat Facts

Everyone wants the ability to spout off facts; be it about baseball, football, and even boating facts.  Here are some interesting boat facts from a guy who has been boating and collecting trivia since he was a kid: Telling […]

Traveling on the Road RV Style

What type or class or RV will you need?  It’s all based on a few factors: How you intend to use the RV The size of your camping family The tow vehicles you already own Personal preferences Because they […]

Autumn Getaways from TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site*, today announced the results of its annual Labor Day and fall travel survey of more than 1,200 U.S. respondents, revealing 33 percent of consumers are planning Labor Day trips, a six percent jump compared to […]

Tips for Camping in the Fall

Camping trips and fall…don’t you just love them? If you have never camped in the fall, you are in for a real treat.  Here are a few tips to follow for a perfect camping trip with your family and […]

Hit the Water and Dismiss the Stress (Infographic)

Relief may be closer than you think! According to this infographic by TakeMeFishing.org, recent studies have shown proof that simply being near water can naturally help lower anxiety.  Check it out: Follow Us: Facebook – Foursquare – Twitter – […]

Preparing Your Boat for a Hurricane

Every year around now – late summer and fall – boat owners in Texas get a little edgy: it’s hurricane season.  Somewhere along the Gulf Coast a hurricane will come ashore and wreak havoc with homes, boats and people’s […]

Hunting Season Gets Ready to Open

September 1st marks the opening of dove season across most of the state and most of the 300,000 wingshooters are already busy gathering their gear and locating a place to hunt. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Division has […]

Good-Bye Summer

The end of summer is upon us.  “Back to School” ads are pervasive. Sadly, it is time to start thinking about boat winterizing.  The only thing that could be worse than the end of summer is returning next spring […]

Texas Do’s and Don’ts

Recreational hunting and fishing licenses and stamp endorsements are available at approximately 1,700 locations throughout Texas. These locations include sporting goods stores, gun shops, department stores, discount stores, bait and tackle shops, grocery stores, and many other types of […]

Duck Blind Tips

Texas is big and so is duck hunting in the Lone Star State. Building duck blinds is a part of the sport.  There are some useful tips for those who plan to build a duck blind. Take your blind […]

Mountains, Rivers, and Streams

Texas kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts have a wide range of choices to enjoy this great outdoor activity. With more than 3,700 named streams, 15 major rivers and some 3,300 miles of tidal shoreline along the Gulf Coast, Texas offers […]

Life Jackets Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Anyone who owns a boat and respects the rules of the water knows that having a life jacket for all passengers onboard is the law. Simply wearing a life jacket is not enough – anyone putting on a jacket […]

Surf’s Up!!

Most people think you need a fancy boat with plenty of fishing equipment to fish.  But, some of the greatest fishing actually takes place in the surf on the beach.  There is something fine and natural about getting next […]

Summer Loving in Texas

If your plans include hiking this summer, Texas has a variety of options for the outdoor trailblazers.  Texas takes pride in its trails and parks.  Whether you are looking for a short nature trail for a quick stroll or […]

Red, White, and Blue

Boating and the Fourth of July! What could be a better time for watching fireworks or fun boating activities? Celebrating Independence Day on your boat will help create lasting memories for you, your friends, and your family. When you […]

Gator Hunting

Believe it or not, there are many hunters that enjoy the sport of hunting alligators.  Because of the habitat, gator hunting is like no other.  The most difficult aspect is locating the alligator and attaching a restraining line.  The […]

Creating Lifetime Memories

School is out for summer and with that comes the opportunity to spend more time with your kids – quality time.  What could be a better activity than fishing?  This is, no doubt, worlds better than watching them with […]

Ground Blinds

When hunters talk about blinds they are not referring to not being able to see.  They are referring to a location utilized and designed for hunting. Over the last few years the popularity of the ground blind has exploded.  […]

Regatta Time!

Many boat owners become sailors.  Their boating desires are wind –focused.  If you are into sailing, you may have considered sailing in a regatta.  A regatta is a series of boat races. The term typically describes racing events of […]

Do You Own a Boat or a Yacht?

The terms boat and yacht are sometimes considered synonymous in the English language – both are boats and both are marine vessels.  The term boat covers a wide variety of watercraft since it is used as the generic name.  […]

Kayaking Texas

Second largest in the U.S., the state of Texas harbors 15 major rivers and 3,700 streams that course 191,000 miles throughout the state – most are shallow and smooth, waterways are wide and most are publicly accessible. If you’re […]

Row Row Row Your Boat

Canoeing is a great outdoor activity.  Picture yourself slicing through the water in sync with your paddle strokes. You float on a peaceful lake with the wind at your back.  There is no motor to interfere with the serene […]

Changing Your Angle

Many anglers are claiming that it is getting harder to catch bass – not just in summer – but all year long. Have the bass learned how to outsmart fishermen? Some experts claim the warmer winters and dry weather […]

Boat Diversity

Boats are enjoyable throughout the year.  However, most boating activities occur during the summer.  Many Texans currently are boat owners.  Many will upgrade or change their boating style, and many will become boat owners for the first time.  Boats […]

Cool Camping

We all love summer and it is most assuredly upon us.  Camping is a popular activity in Texas. Warm weather camping can be challenging with the nonnegotiable dynamics of the intense heat we all have come to know and […]

Boat Check

Taking care of a boat can be more than a lot of boat owners bargained for. There are plenty of things on a boat that can break and will. To keep ahead of things every new boat owner need […]

America’s Fastest Growing Water Sport

Wakeboarding is America’s fastest growing water sport. It’s essentially a combination of water skiing and snowboarding. Wakeboarders ride on a board slightly larger than a snowboard and ride on top of the water at speeds around 20 miles per […]

Green Makes Blue

With each new generation you are seeing a more environmentally conscious population of people.  This is also true for those in the boating world.  There are things that boat owners can do to keep our rivers, lakes, and waterways […]

Fishing – Morning, Noon, and Night!!

Summer time is always a hot bed for fishing in Texas.  Summer, more than any other time of the year, offers coastal anglers a variety of fishing options. Not only are there more species of fish available during the […]

After the Ride

An important part of your decision when you determine that you want to purchase a boat is where it will be stored when you are not cruising on the water. A boat must have a safe and adequate storage […]

Jump In!!

Nothing is as exhilarating, on a hot summer day, as breezing through the water on a boat of any kind.  If you want to top off that day, jumping into the water can be refreshing and energizing.  Swimming from […]

Cooking Onboard

So you have a boat and that boat is big enough and luxurious enough to have a galley – a kitchen.   What is needed to equip the galley?  First and foremost, choose only items that are necessary.  Space is […]

Legal Jargon for Hunting Migratory Birds

Hunting and fishing is regulated in Texas and duck hunting is no doubt  a favorite sport in the state of Texas. If you are planning to hunt for ducks, Mergansers, Coots, geese, and cranes, you should be familiar with […]

Texas Parks and Wildlife Code

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Code consists of all of the laws and rules that are designed to protect and maintain wildlife and public parks in the state of Texas. A person engaged in an activity governed by the […]

Blazing Across the Water

When the first personal watercrafts were introduced in the United States, they were vehicles that were used by solo riders only. They were not easy to control and could only be mastered by a few. Today’s personal watercraft vehicles […]

Texas is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Texas is hot. No one will argue that. It has a hot economy. It has hot job numbers. But, temperature wise, it is really hot, especially during the summer. But, luckily, there are hundreds of miles of coastline, many […]

Texas Wade Fishing

Wade fishing is a popular type of saltwater fishing in the state of Texas. The wade fishing along the Texas coast from Texas City to Corpus Christi is abundant. Kemah is a popular wade fishing spot, as well. Popular […]

Texas White Waters

Clear and cold, the spring-fed streams of the Hill Country attract more whitewater rafters in Texas than any other rivers in the state. This area stretches from the central section of the Texas-Mexico border to the Colorado River in […]

Could You Use a Lift?

Boat lifts are used to lift the boat and store it above the water surface. Floating boat lifts are used on floating docks. They are most often used in areas where the shoreline is marked with high water and […]

Summer Camp in Texas

Texas has an extensive landmass and within that landmass is a healthy population of families that enjoy family and friends.  During the summer, many Texans send their children off to camps to experience all of the outdoor activities that […]

Slip Into Something Comfortable

Texas marinas have a lot to offer boaters.  They are accessible to lakes, gulfs, and bays.  There are wet and dry slips. There is open and covered storage equipped with gas and supplies. Many have great restaurants and decks […]

Good Things Come in Small Packages

No one sailboat does it all—but just one sailboat can provide you the fun you imagine and more. Just as you choose a car that meets your specific needs, when shopping for a sailboat, you should choose one that […]

Texas Catfish

If you like catfish, Texas has it in almost every nook and cranny – rivers, streams, and lakes. If you are into the sport of it, there are plentiful trophy-winning catfish to be found in Texas. One reason catfish […]

Time to Launch!

Everything is big in Texas and that includes fishing and boating. Texas lakes offer some of the most popular vacation spots in Texas and the United States.  There is boating, swimming, water-skiing, jet-skiing and much more. Texas lakes are […]

PC With Your PWC

It is never a bad idea or waste of time to update and review boating and safety regulations for your PWC – personal watercraft.  A personal watercraft is defined as a type of motorboat which is specifically designed to […]

Hold the Line

Rope, or line as it called aboard a boat, is an essential boat supply. Not only do you need it to moor your boat and tie off the fenders, it has dozens of other boating applications. When outfitting your […]

Beacons of Safety

EPIRBs, officially known as Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacons, are emergency beacons used in maritime distress. They are designed to save your life if you get into trouble by alerting rescue authorities and indicating your location anywhere in the […]

Boats Go Green

With the rising price of gas, there is more focus on green boats, with talk of electric motors and hybrid similar to those in cars. Development of green boats is still in its infancy, but it could become a […]

What is Your Boating Pleasure?

There is no question that spending time on the water in a boat is probably one of the most enjoyable pleasures life has to offer. The activities are varied and there is one for every age and personality. If […]

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air and if you are a boat owner, time to think about preparing for boating season. It is time to de-winterize. Hopefully, you have your owner’s manual available.  You will need to replace fluids and […]

Camping on a Budget

If you are an outdoor person and love to mingle with nature, there is nothing that can be more enjoyable than a camping adventure.  Camping can be done inexpensively.  Equipment costs are relatively low and there are numerous localities […]

Yacht Life

We often hear people mention the “night life” in a city or town.  What do you say about “yacht life”?  Many of us only dream of owning one.  Some, though, are fortunate to live the dream. If you are […]

Hook ‘em

Obviously, if you plan to do any kind of fishing, you must supply your fishing gear with a variety of hooks.  The system of hook sizes is really quite simple.  Hook sizes are based on a normal hook size […]

Hitching a Ride

Recreational boats in the United States have to be towed by trailer to and from the water. The boat trailer is only one part of the boating package.  It includes the boat, trailer, hitch, and towing vehicle. Trailer maintenance […]

Alluring Times!

If you are hoping to hook a trophy bass, you need to equip your fishing gear with the right bass lures.  There are variations to consider – smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass. Heavyweight bass in hidden crevices of […]

Boater Education Course Set

For Immediate Release BOATER EDUCATION COURSE SET Houston, TX…. A course in boater education has been scheduled for Saturday, January 12, 2013 beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the 2013 Houston International Boat, Sport & Travel Show, according to Kevin […]

Strength Building and Fish Fitness

Weight training exercises can help develop casting muscles. These muscles can be developed through a program of resistance training. Gripping a long handled ax or sledge hammer like a rod and lifting it in sets of repetitions can develop […]

Boaters: Fit and Fabulous

Did you ever think of the amount of core strength required to wrestle an anchor?  It requires leg strength, arm strength, knee strength, and more. Power boating does not require as much physical fitness as other types of boating, […]

What’s Up Dock?

Docking is tricky business.  Many boat captains listen to those so willing to offer docking advice. There is only one person solely responsible for your vessel and crew safety: you. Even the most experienced captains and crews have a […]

Fish and the Moon

Expert fishermen understand the influence of the moon on fish.  Scientifically speaking, it is a fact that the gravitational pull from the moon is the greatest influence on tidal activity that can be found in the oceans.  Since the […]


Qualified operation of a vessel equals seamanship. Tying knots and slicing lines – how good are you at this?  Can you rig heavy weather lifelines?  If you have a boat, do you know what equipment is needed to safely […]

Spooky Night on the Water

Halloween on your boat can be tons of fun.  In Texas, it could possibly still be quite warm.  However, in many areas of Texas and other more northern parts of the country, the weather will most likely be cool, […]

A Different Angle for Anglers

Texas saltwater anglers generally limit their fishing to two or three different species at the most. The top two favorites are redfish and speckled trout. Some anglers do enjoy fishing for flounder, as well. Other saltwater species are viewed […]

Closer Than They Appear

It goes without saying; small boats should steer clear of large merchant ships. On the waterfront, it is called the law of gross tonnage, and the bigger ship will undoubtedly always win. Viewed from a smaller ship, larger ships […]

The Name Game

Many speculate that the tradition of naming your boat originated centuries ago during the time of the ancient Egyptians on the Nile River. It has been said that boat owners spend more time searching for the perfect name for […]

Spooky Family Destinations

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be gearing up for a ghoul-themed trip with your family. Family Vacation Critic® has released its picks of this year’s best haunted attractions for families looking for spooky fun. For families […]

Preparing Your Boat for Winter

Why should I invest time and money into a boat that I won’t use during the winter? This is a common question that arises when it comes to taking the time to winterize your boat. Boat chores are never […]

5 Hiking Tips

Of all the activities you can do, hiking may be one that can really improve your mental, physical and spiritual health. It also provides a welcome break from your everyday routine. And if there is one thing you can always […]

Safety Tips For the Labor Day Holiday

This Labor Day weekend millions of drivers will take to the highway for one final summer getaway, making it one of the busiest holiday travel weekends of the year. America’s Road Team Captains, elite professional truck drivers with millions […]

Top 10 Camping Essentials!

It doesn’t get much better than lounging around a campfire under the stars surrounded by your friends and family. Camping is a memorable and relaxing pastime. However, while camping can be fun, it is important that proper planning is […]

The Simple Act of Wearing a Hat

Every head needs sun protection. In fact, the simple act of wearing a hat can dramatically reduce the chances of skin cancer and premature aging by shading the face, scalp, ears and neck. These areas are also a common […]

Lazy Summer Afternoon Picnics

Picnics are a great way to enjoy the last of those lazy summer afternoons in the sunshine and can be a cost effective family day out. Emma Bridgewater, the handmade kitchen and dinnerware company, has created top five tips […]

Sunscreen Buying Guide – Top Picks

It’s hard to pick a sunscreen. You approach the shelf and are tasked with choosing between at least 20 different tubes. Not only that, each has a different level of protection, a special scent, an application method, and the […]

Risky Drinking Can Put a Chill on Your Summer Fun

Summer is a wonderful time for outdoor activities with family and friends. For many people, a day at the beach, on the boat, or at a backyard barbecue will include drinking alcoholic beverages. But excessive drinking and summer activities […]

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Now that summer is in full swing, it is time for children to enjoy some “fun in the sun.” Hiking, playing in the park, swimming in lakes, bicycling, tubing, eating at barbeques, skateboarding and watching fireworks are just a […]

Rod Action!

Rods come in a huge variety of lengths and types, from spinning to casting and pistol grip to straight grip. They vary in power, which is the stiffness of the rod, and action, which is how much of the […]

Man’s Best Friend

Many boat owners are also pet owners. And as valued members of the family, pets are often included in boating outings. A vital recommendation for safety of your pet onboard is the inclusion of life jackets. Many think all […]

Lights and Launches

Specific lighting configurations are required for boats operating between sunset and sunrise or in times of restricted visibility. Do not assume that your boat came from the factory or showroom with all the proper equipment. It’s your responsibility to […]

Previously Owned Boats

Many dream of owning a boat. If you are an outdoor individual and love the water, what better venue is there? You might already be considering the possibility of purchasing a boat to enjoy with friends and family. Many […]

Pontoon Versatility

The first pontoon boat dates back to 1952 but today’s popular Party Barge was actually introduced in 1983. The Party Barge has made pontooning a family pastime. The greatest area of improvement over early models is the interior appointments […]

Fun Facts about Boats

The pursuit of the American Dream is a mentality that prevails as we grow up and move into adulthood. How many men dream of owning a boat? But a boat is more than a dream! Statistics and data support […]