houston boat show

Take a Road Trip Down Memory Lane

Some things have changed over the years, but our love for the road has not. According to a recent survey fielded by Jiffy Lube International, today, 78 percent of Americans think a road trip is the best type of […]

Top Ten Marine Debris Items

We all know population is a massive problem in our oceans, but just how big is the problem? This infographic takes a look at the top ten marine debris items, lists how much was found in the ocean globally […]

falling overboard

What to Do When Someone Falls Overboard

According to BoaterExam.com the major cause of fatalities involving small boats is drownings from falls overboard, which is why it is important for boaters to wear their personal flotation devices (PFDs). Capsizing—the overturning of a vessel on its side […]

Tips to Navigate the Houston Boat Show

Whether you’re in the market to upgrade or looking for your first boat, The Houston Boat Show will help to keep the fires burning until you have the chance to launch your boat for the first time. Boat shows […]

Galveston Oh Galveston!

There are a lot of people – including those who have lived in Houston for years – who visit Galveston without really knowing what it offers for boaters. Fortunately, we live in an area where we have boating season […]

Sportfishing in the United States (Infographic)

Sportfishing in the US is big business because it’s a recreational past time that American’s love. From bass to billfish, American’s love to go fishing, and the economic benefits are huge. Take a look: Explore more visuals like this […]

Boat Docking Tips

All eyes of the marina will be on you when you come in to dock your powerboat – so the question is – will you look like a Gilligan or a competent captain? It all depends on whether you […]

Common Hand Signals for Boat-Towed Sports

When wakeboarding, waterskiing or participating in all forms of boat-towed sports, hand signals are a crucial part of communicating with the operator. Attempting to yell instructions can be next to impossible to hear over the noise of the boat […]

Fishing Etiquette Tips

Have you ever been fishing with a friend who hasn’t really fished before and found yourself doing everything including pulling every anchor and handing them your rod when a snook pulls just so they can feel like a fisherman? […]

Launching Your New Boat

Mishaps can happen anytime when it comes to launching your boat – especially if it’s your first time to ever put one in the water. Boat launches can be busy places but they don’t have to be chaotic if […]

Tips for Buying a Pontoon Boat

In recent years, pontoon boats have begun to close the gap for those looking for a new boat to take out on the water. Even for those “fast” boat lovers, the shift to a more performance oriented pontoon model […]

World of Fly Fishing Knots

Fly Fishing is not a walk through the park and therefore it is important to know the proper techniques to use when tying the knot. Take this comprehensive guide and go fish! Explore more visuals like this one on […]

E15 Coming to a Gas Station Near You!

E15 gasoline is coming to a gas station near you and not only will it affect your wallet, it will have a huge impact on your fishing trips and summer boating recreation! Enter the good old government and the […]

2013 Boating Industry Recap by the Numbers

Five years ago the boating industry was in serious trouble with low sales and all-time-low participation. Fast forward to today and the industry is valued at $121.5 billion, employing more than 338,000 Americans. Here is a closer look at […]

Keep Calm and Hit the Water (Infographic)

For the 48 percent of Americans who lie awake at night restless from the stress of their day, relief may be closer than they think! Take a look at this infographic by TakeMeFishing.org, and grab a life jacket, a […]

Tips to Find the Perfect Water Skis

To ensure a safer and more fun time on the water, it is vitally important to choose the right size when it comes to water skis. You will need to do some research in advance whether you’re an expert […]

Wakeboarding Essentials

Wakeboarding came onto the scene in the 1980s when surfers started hitching rides on boats with a rope, similar to waterskiing. The wakeboarding craze caught on, and surfers began to design actual wakeboards. These new types of boards maintained […]

Time to Talk Turkey

Wild turkey hunting season starts March 19th through May 1st so get your hunting gear ready! There are very few outdoor activities that compare with spring turkey hunting. It can be exciting, definitely challenging and addicting. Even the most […]

Shopping for a Fish Finder

When you are shopping around for a fish finder, you should always look at the screen size first. It’s tempting to go for the best technology in your budget, but here’s a little secret: if you go for the […]

Get Ready for Spring Fishing Season!

While much of the United States is still under a blanket of snow, there are a few signs that spring is right around the corner here in Houston. With each passing day, the sun gets higher in the southern […]

Yeah Buoy – it’s Aboat Time

One can always gain a little insight into a fisherman’s psyche by the type of boat he owns and more so by the name he/she gives their boat. There are a lot of places to see boats but fishing […]

What is Your Bike Personality?

Mountain bikes are super versatile. They can be used to haul groceries home, cruise along the bike path or tour around the planet. But their primary use is for capably getting their riders along dirt trails—mountains are optional. If […]

Recreational Texas 2013

Texas has miles of road to travel and for many travelers; the length from one town to the next can be humdrum and boring.  But many recreational vehicle owners move in the direction of Texas for their destinations because […]

Floundering Around

The southern flounder, also known as paralichthys lethostigma, is the largest of more than twenty-five species of flatfishes found in Texas coastal waters. It is a treasured source of food and is also harvested for recreationally purposes. You can […]

Keeping Waterways Environmentally Friendly

With over 22 million registered recreational boaters, simple day-to-day changes in how we operate and maintain our vessels will go a long way in protecting our valuable water resources. Take the first step, and learn more about easy things […]

Anchors Away!

Sooner or later, when you own a boat, you will have to anchor.  You may want to fish, swim, dine, stay overnight or you may need to anchor due to inclement weather. The first step in anchoring is to […]

Yes You Can – Own a Boat!

Imagine yourself packing up the family or close friends for an adventure packed day on your boat. No matter if you love the open sea, enjoy the whine of a reel or just like the whip of the wind […]

Water and Boating Safety

Keeping Your Precious Cargo Safe For those who regularly boat with family members aboard, it is important to never miss the  golden opportunity to involve each and every family passenger in some sort of duty aboard the boat. Not […]