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Boat Diversity

Boats are enjoyable throughout the year.  However, most boating activities occur during the summer.  Many Texans currently are boat owners.  Many will upgrade or change their boating style, and many will become boat owners for the first time.  Boats […]


Qualified operation of a vessel equals seamanship. Tying knots and slicing lines – how good are you at this?  Can you rig heavy weather lifelines?  If you have a boat, do you know what equipment is needed to safely […]

Preparing Your Boat for Winter

Why should I invest time and money into a boat that I won’t use during the winter? This is a common question that arises when it comes to taking the time to winterize your boat. Boat chores are never […]

Hurricane Season and Your Boat

Hurricanes are enormous cyclonic storm systems that cover thousands of square miles, usually developing in the tropical and subtropical latitudes during the summer and fall. To be categorized as a hurricane it must be a system that produces winds […]