galleySo you have a boat and that boat is big enough and luxurious enough to have a galley – a kitchen.   What is needed to equip the galley?  First and foremost, choose only items that are necessary.  Space is limited so choose only kitchen items that will accommodate your specific needs.  Counters and drawers are not as deep or as wide.  The sink, oven, and stovetop are generally smaller, as well. It is a good idea to purchase the smaller versions of dinner plates and mugs. Corell dishes work well.  Keep in mind, also, that everything has to be stored securely so that when the vessel is moving or experiencing rough waters, the stored items will remain secure. Safety latches on cupboard and icebox doors usually come with the equipment, but may need replacing before setting sail. Strategically placed handles may be installed near the stove to help you keep your balance while the boat is rocking. Attach lids of jars to the underside of the cupboard with screws: the jar can be screwed on or off for storage and access.

Purchasing items that are durable and sturdy is highly recommended.  Many boat owners contend that stainless steel and items that do not rust are the best choices.  Nesting pans save space. Polycarbonate is a good alternative to glass.  If glass breaks it can be tough on bare feet.

Electricity is limited on the high seas, so plan meals that do not require as much electricity.  Sandwiches and salads are ideal for outings on a boat. There may be an icebox, but you should pack a cooler for drinks and any food overflow. The cooler also makes a nice chair to sit on, or a table to set your cutting board on while preparing food. There are a lot of storage accessories available at boating stores. Pockets for organizing can be attached to the wall for storing silverware, spices and tools such as bottle or can openers. Hanging nets can hold fresh produce.

Prepare for your voyage as if you were camping in the woods: space is limited, as are fuel and refrigeration, so planning ahead is critical. In a galley kitchen, you will be lucky to get two burners on the stove, let alone an oven or a microwave. It will likely take a few voyages to determine the best strategies for cooking on your boat, but it will not be long before you have it figured out and will be dining with ease on your boat.

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