budget campingIf you are an outdoor person and love to mingle with nature, there is nothing that can be more enjoyable than a camping adventure.  Camping can be done inexpensively.  Equipment costs are relatively low and there are numerous localities that do not require a lot of road time to get to your camping destination. Even overnight adventures can be enjoyed inexpensively.

There are items that can be used in lieu of camping items that might otherwise be purchased.  Large zip lock bags with air can be used as camping pillows.  Old shower curtains make great tarps. You can waterproof matches by dipping them in nail polish or melted paraffin. Use chain and a piece of a coat hanger bent into an S-shape to hang a lantern from a tree. Laundry lint makes excellent tinder. Rubbing orange peel on your skin is an excellent mosquito repellent and smells much better. An empty plastic soda bottle, cut off makes a good camp bowl. Inner cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls stuffed with paper can be used as fire-lighters. Duct tape is cheap and is versatile for many things.  It can be used to patch tents, mend poles, patch shoes and hold poles or branches used to hold mosquito nets.

An 8 x 10 canvas wall tent, a roll-up table, folding chair, and a camping cot with the appropriate temperature zone sleeping bag can go a long way toward all-season comfort. Add in a couple of LED camping lanterns, a basic kitchen outfit (utensils, cookware, clean-up materials), a sun shower, and some campsite basics … water jugs, cooler, container to wash clothing and you can live independently and inexpensively for quite awhile.

Your campsite will likely have a charcoal grill, which is great for some cooking, but dishes that require a pot or skillet will not get all black if you have a propane camp stove. You can find a 2-burner propane stove for relatively little cost. The propane cylinders are also inexpensive and will probably last a week.

Many people start simple, with fairly civilized camping and as their comfort level grows, progress to more primitive-type camping. Some will always enjoy camping with the amenities. If you like, you can camp high-tech, with the latest and the greatest of everything, but you can also camp low-tech with comfortable basics and a frugal trip and have a fantastic time.

Family camping offers families the opportunity to get back to the basics, to relax in a beautiful natural setting, and really enjoy time together. Camping also provides an inexpensive way to vacation with your family.

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