boatfireworksBoats provide magnificent venues for celebrating holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays. If you live on board, obviously, all celebrations will be onboard if there are no other living quarters available. As with land-bound holidays, most are delightful celebrations with family or friends and include traditions that provide meaning and continuity in our lives. However, it can be challenging to recapture and replicate land-bound holiday events and activities on a boat. Some challenges included are the limited amount of space, lack of equipment, or absence of specific ingredients. Meals and celebrations onboard require a lot of planning.

Vacationing cruisers may find themselves in circumstances or environments that differ greatly from their memories of childhood holiday celebrations—hot weather at Christmas or New Year’s near some remote islands or bundling up at Christmas time.  Many boat owners crave traditional holidays at home and on land. However, new traditions with a unique flair can occur while cruising on a lake or other body of water. Blending cherished traditions or rituals with new, exotic experiences makes for good times and vivid memories. In other words, if you can adjust your expectations and adopt a new attitude about holidays aboard, it will pay off in spades!

Planning is critical to success in celebrating holidays aboard. Weather conditions can impact arrival times and often the ability to gather ingredients and supplies will be limited or unavailable. When celebrating holidays and milestones aboard your boat, planning, creativity and spontaneity are the keys to success. Consider local customs and traditions, and participate in celebrations and events. Experiment with seasonal and locally available foods when designing your menu, and plan to bring along “must have” ingredients.  Do not forget to bring a few cherished decorations and your favorite music to make the celebration complete! What follows are some ideas for celebrations aboard your boat to get your creative juices flowing.

Entertaining and celebrating New Year’s Eve on a boat can be a delightful experience. It is a good place to gather with friends, celebrate and even watch the bowl games. Easter is the harbinger of spring — for most. Hiding eggs onboard and traditional breakfast casseroles can be easily accommodated on most boats.

There is nothing like celebrating a birthday and our anniversary aboard a boat. There is a sense of excitement heightened by the promise of wonderful adventures and fond memories of discovering the world by boat. Design your boating day around a favorite activity and serve a favorite meal to celebrate.

Holidays afloat offer an exciting opportunity to be creative. If you don’t get caught up in unrealistic expectation and comparison with shore side celebrations, you can create a memorable holiday on your boat!

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