Halloween on your boat can be tons of fun.  In Texas, it could possibly still be quite warm.  However, in many areas of Texas and other more northern parts of the country, the weather will most likely be cool, crisp with plenty of bright stars.  What a great time to gather with friends on your boat.  Many boating families plan traditional Halloween events.  Decorating your boat can add to the festivities.  Create a list of music that is age appropriate for your group.  Mix in a few Halloween-type songs to add to the theme of the evening.  Cobwebs can make your boat look appropriately eerie.  Cover the doorways, windows and add fake spiders for the finishing touches.  Decorate your boat with orange lights and glow-in-the-dark items.  Too make your glow-in-the-dark items pop, consider purchasing black lights. Fog and strobe lights are always fun.  The popularity of Halloween inflatables can also be a fun touch.

Boat ownership is enhanced when you enjoy special events and holidays on the water.  Holidays, however, create the need for increased safety awareness from all boaters.  Pay extra attention to others on the water. Prevent accidents and fatalities by reviewing all safety tips. Designate an operator who does not drink during the festivities.  Review boat safety. Make sure there are enough life jackets for all of your guests.  If you have a shortage, do a “BOJ” – bring your own jacket. Children under 10 are required to wear a life jacket but it is recommended for EVERYONE to wear one while the vessel is moving.  Don’t overload your boat with people, party supplies, or equipment.  Check the capacity plate for the maximum weight or the maximum number of people that the boat can carry safely.  Use all navigation lights on the water at night.  Check lights before leaving the dock.

Watch your speed and always remain in compliance with the rules of the road.

Respect the rights of others, including anglers, swimmers, skiers, boaters, divers and others so they can enjoy their recreational activities undisturbed. Show consideration to all recreationists on and around the waters. Be courteous to other boaters while in boat ramp areas. Launch and retrieve your boat as quickly as possible. Keep the noise down, especially around shore. If crossing private property, be sure to ask permission from the landowner(s).

Halloween on your boat is an excellent alternative to walking the neighborhoods and checking your children’s candy collection.  Have fun but remember safety first.

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