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Errors the Novice Hiker Makes

Hiking trails that are strenuous and unsuitable for beginners or those with a fear of heights are just one of the mistakes that novice hikers make.  They are generally out of shape and even though they are exhausted, cranky […]

What Die-Hard Boaters do During the Winter

The first signs of winter are beginning to appear along the Gulf Coast so we were curious about what die-hard boaters do during the cold winter months.  Come to find out the majority of boaters stay connected to their […]

Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Boat

To differentiate themselves in the marketplace, new boat builders have had to improve on their products.  Light emitting diodes or LED lighting have become standard equipment on vessels manufactured by high-end builders like SeaRay, Sabre, Hatteras, Trinity, Nordhaven, Morris […]

Do You Own a Boat or a Yacht?

The terms boat and yacht are sometimes considered synonymous in the English language – both are boats and both are marine vessels.  The term boat covers a wide variety of watercraft since it is used as the generic name.  […]

What’s Up Dock?

Docking is tricky business.  Many boat captains listen to those so willing to offer docking advice. There is only one person solely responsible for your vessel and crew safety: you. Even the most experienced captains and crews have a […]

Keeping Waterways Environmentally Friendly

With over 22 million registered recreational boaters, simple day-to-day changes in how we operate and maintain our vessels will go a long way in protecting our valuable water resources. Take the first step, and learn more about easy things […]


Qualified operation of a vessel equals seamanship. Tying knots and slicing lines – how good are you at this?  Can you rig heavy weather lifelines?  If you have a boat, do you know what equipment is needed to safely […]

Boating Gear Musts!

Boating enthusiasts had to have used these products aboard their own boats. The gear’s reliability over time is proven. And, like electricity, these items might be taken for granted – but if we didn’t have them, they’d be sorely […]