types of kayaks

Mountains, Rivers, and Streams

Texas kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts have a wide range of choices to enjoy this great outdoor activity. With more than 3,700 named streams, 15 major rivers and some 3,300 miles of tidal shoreline along the Gulf Coast, Texas offers […]

Kayaking Texas

Second largest in the U.S., the state of Texas harbors 15 major rivers and 3,700 streams that course 191,000 miles throughout the state – most are shallow and smooth, waterways are wide and most are publicly accessible. If you’re […]

Your Kayaking Style

What is a kayak? The first kayak was made by Eskimo hunters in sub-Arctic regions of Asia, North America, and Greenland.  It is a small and narrow, human-powered boat primarily designed to be manually propelled by means of a […]