fishing in houston

Fishing Etiquette Tips

Have you ever been fishing with a friend who hasn’t really fished before and found yourself doing everything including pulling every anchor and handing them your rod when a snook pulls just so they can feel like a fisherman? […]

Keep Calm and Hit the Water (Infographic)

For the 48 percent of Americans who lie awake at night restless from the stress of their day, relief may be closer than they think! Take a look at this infographic by TakeMeFishing.org, and grab a life jacket, a […]

Fishing – Morning, Noon, and Night!!

Summer time is always a hot bed for fishing in Texas.  Summer, more than any other time of the year, offers coastal anglers a variety of fishing options. Not only are there more species of fish available during the […]

Sunscreen Buying Guide – Top Picks

It’s hard to pick a sunscreen. You approach the shelf and are tasked with choosing between at least 20 different tubes. Not only that, each has a different level of protection, a special scent, an application method, and the […]

Rod Action!

Rods come in a huge variety of lengths and types, from spinning to casting and pistol grip to straight grip. They vary in power, which is the stiffness of the rod, and action, which is how much of the […]