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Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Boat

To differentiate themselves in the marketplace, new boat builders have had to improve on their products.  Light emitting diodes or LED lighting have become standard equipment on vessels manufactured by high-end builders like SeaRay, Sabre, Hatteras, Trinity, Nordhaven, Morris […]

Gator Hunting

Believe it or not, there are many hunters that enjoy the sport of hunting alligators.  Because of the habitat, gator hunting is like no other.  The most difficult aspect is locating the alligator and attaching a restraining line.  The […]

Changing Your Angle

Many anglers are claiming that it is getting harder to catch bass – not just in summer – but all year long. Have the bass learned how to outsmart fishermen? Some experts claim the warmer winters and dry weather […]

Boating Gear Musts!

Boating enthusiasts had to have used these products aboard their own boats. The gear’s reliability over time is proven. And, like electricity, these items might be taken for granted – but if we didn’t have them, they’d be sorely […]