EPA Mandates More E15 in 2017


Improved infrastructure is critical to the long-term growth and sustainability of our industry. That’s why it is a top priority that Congress acts to reauthorize the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) before it expires in December. WRDA ensures that our nation’s waterways, of all sizes across the nation, are modernized, accessible, navigable and safe.

Last week the Senate took a major step to reauthorize WRDA—voting overwhelmingly in favor of the legislation. Now it’s the House’s turn to follow suit before time runs out.

Could you help us pass this bill? With one simple click you’ll be able to thank your Senators for supporting WRDA, and ask your Representative to take similar action in the coming weeks.

Congress’s continued support and investment into our industry will pay off for the millions of Americans who want to enjoy our country’s great and beautiful waterways for generations to come.

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