Over 88 million Americans went boating in 2013. That’s a lot of people who are now eagerly waiting for spring to finally get here so they can get back on the open ocean or U.S. waterways.

With that in mind, we thought we would write a post about the new boating gadgets and the latest fishing apps for your next adventure – take a look:

Boating Gadgets

GoPro: A favorite camera among adventurists, the versatile, mountable GoPro can take your fishing trip pics to the next level. Because the camera is shockproof, waterproof and wearable, you’ll never have to worry about snapping the perfect shot while you’re wrestling that huge catch. GoPro retails for $200 to $450 (depending on the model). Mounts sold separately for $14 and up.

Marine radio: A marine radio provides weather advisories and small craft warnings. Many come preprogrammed with U.S. and international channels, and support all NOAA weather alerts. Look for a marine radio with a backlit LED display if you plan to fish at dawn or dusk. This will help you pay attention to the weather alerts, as U.S. safe boating laws require you to do. Marine radio warnings will be covered in a boat licensing exam or a boating license course.

Wind and weather meter: A handheld wind meter can make the difference between a pleasant sail and a day of suffering. You can find a combined handheld wind and weather meter that spot checks the weather and the wind for around $80.

Draft beer dispenser: Instead of popping open a can of beer on your boat, why not pour yourself a fresh draft from this refillable mini keg? Systems retail for around $400 and support select brands of mini keg beers. Unfortunately, the beer cost is not included.

Latest Fishing Apps

Fishin’ Buddy Lite: Keep a field diary with this free app. Tracking the date, weather, time of catch, catch species, lure used and other information may help you have better luck on future fishing trips.

Animated fishing knot: View detailed instructions and usage suggestions for tying 31 knots—including the blood knot and the slim beauty knot—then practice your knotting skills while you wait. At $0.99, this app is extremely useful.

North American Fishing Guide: This is a 0.99 app for your smartphone that gives you easy access to vital information on over 100 species of game fish, helping you in your favorite activity of all time: fishing. Complete descriptions of each species provide information about where and at what depths to find them, seasonal variations, population and growth statistics, and other pertinent facts.

Fugawi iMap: Offering both topographic maps and satellite views, Fugawi iMap is ideal if your fishing expeditions include overland treks through uncharted terrain. The app costs $4.99 and will prove its worth the next time you’re bushwhacking.

Navionics: This app offers route-planning, electronic maps and up-to-date tidal, weather and wind information. With Navionics, you can ditch the paper nav chart and find your way around the lake, stream, river or open ocean. The basic app is free, and you pay to purchase global charts.

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