The first signs of winter are beginning to appear along the Gulf Coast so we were curious about what die-hard boaters do during the cold winter months.  Come to find out the majority of boaters stay connected to their favorite pastime by:

Reading boating magazines – Some avid boaters have more than 4-5 subscriptions to boating magazines. Why?  They like keeping up with the latest technology and tips.  To them it’s like having their own mini boating day when they immerse themselves in nautical stories and pictures.

Attending boat shows – Okay this is our favorite reason!  Most avid boaters head to boat shows like the one here in Houston on January 3-12, 2014. Most go to the shows to walk around in a nautical atmosphere and although most do not plan to buy a boat, some find really good deals during the winter shows.  It also provides them with comparison shopping since there are a wide variety of boats to choose from in a small area.  These boating enthusiasts love boarding the different boats and dream about buying a bigger boat when they win the lottery!

Gadget shopping – Boaters love looking through the aisles of boating gadgets and gizmos to see what’s new and to test out the latest technology available.  There are some great boating gadgets coming out next year so make sure you drop by the boat show to see them!

Being more socially inclined – As the temperatures drop, avid boaters social calendars open up so they are able to attend parties and dinners out with their landlubber friends.  Most “real boaters” say their social calendars are booked from Memorial Day to just past Labor Day.  Bet you can’t guess where they’re spending all that time!

Many times you will see avid boaters getting together on their boats during the winter months to watch football games or play Texas Hold’em.  They still get the feeling of being on the water without leaving the dock.  Of course, if you dry dock your boat you might have to relegate yourselves to just sitting on the dock which as all boaters know isn’t a tough gig.

Boat visits – Some avid boaters just like the fact that they can visit their boat.  Not for any particular reason other than to relish in the fact that spring isn’t that far away!

Chartering boats – Those that love boating sometimes charter boats with a cook and a captain and take off on long trips.  This can be done for two couples or a family for under $800 for a 38 foot motor catamaran with two cabins for a week.  Of course pricing is based on where your trip takes you!

What are some activities you die-hard boating fans do during the winter?

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