Wet and dry storage are two common methods for stowing a boat when it isn’t in use. Wet storage is when you store your boat in the water or in a wet slip. Dry storage ensures your boat is safe and out of the elements.

Water vessels are investments (sometimes expensive ones) that can bring many fun-filled memories whether you enjoy fishing for bragging rights or spending the day cruising in the sun with your family and friends.  One of the best ways to store your boat is by utilizing dry storage to extend its value and protect your investment.  And, just like any investment, you should care for your boat to ensure it has a long operating life.

Dry storage services keep your boat protected from seasonal damage unlike keeping your boat unprotected on land or preventing corrosive damage to your boat by storing your boat in the water or a wet slip.  Most of these facilities are fully enclosed and secure 365 days of the year.

Although wet storage is a good option for those who want access to their boat 24/7, it doesn’t provide the security and protection that dry storage offers.

Slip rates vary depending upon how close the marina is to the ocean, the amenities such as parking and showers, and the general condition of the docks. For example, a typical monthly slip fee for a 35-foot boat is around $296 which includes the water and electricity at each dock.

Unwanted problems like a damaged hull, mechanical issues, mildew, mold or faded paint are all issues that bad weather and excessive water make your boat vulnerable to during bad storms.  In an enclosed environment, you can keep costly repairs and cosmetic defects at bay.  If you are looking to preserve your boat’s beauty and performance, dry storage is the wisest and most cost effective option available.

Dry storage offers these benefits as well for small and medium-sized boats:

  • Saves you money on truck, trailer and transport costs
  • Responsive on-demand launch and haul-out services
  • Convenient access to your boat year round
  • Prevents dockside galvanic corrosion from adjacent, improperly grounded vessels
  • Protection from UV sun damage, the number one cause of boat deterioration

Not only does dry storage give you the peace of mind you’re looking for, this ideal storage option also give you the freedom and easy access wet storage provides.

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