Camping trips and fall…don’t you just love them? If you have never camped in the fall, you are in for a real treat.  Here are a few tips to follow for a perfect camping trip with your family and friends.

Protect your tent from the weather

One thing to remember when camping in a tent: when it’s raining, even the best rain fly will still leak if you touch it from the inside or outside.  Make sure to carry a few extra tarps and stake one out that covers your tent to make sure a sudden rain storm doesn’t ruin your trip.

Protect your campsite from animals

Animals should always be a consideration when camping, no matter the season.  A few nice creatures like ground squirrels or deer might wander past but you could also encounter some not-so-nice animals as well.  Always avoid feeding the wildlife because they will keep coming back for more, it might cause them to visit your “neighbors,” and the food you give them could cause them to get very sick – especially human food.

Appropriate attire

Cool crisp mornings and warm sunny afternoons are common in the fall so layer your clothing – top layers in the morning and short sleeves in the afternoons usually work well.  Sometimes a light jacket is necessary for cooler mornings.  Remember, if you live in Texas, you know that fall weather can be unpredictable so check local weather information often and pack accordingly.

What to cook

This is a personal preference; some people like to go all out and cook steaks, burgers and hot dogs while others spot the nearest restaurant and eat out (this is assuming you are close enough to town).  The best foods to take are those that do not require a lot of preparation time or refrigeration.  Canned foods work well – beef stews, chili etc. – and can be warmed up in a pan on an open fire if necessary.  Always clean up after yourself to avoid visitors during the night.

Rules for camping

Camp sites usually have rules like clean up your camp site, respect your fellow campers, leave the animals alone and respect quiet times but there are also speed limit signs that should be obeyed especially in areas where there are a lot of trails.

Activities you can do while camping

Be sure to take your camera especially if you’re camping in the mountains or woods; you want to capture the fall leaves turning colors if you have the opportunity.  Frisbees and kites are great to take along as well as board games, a good book, fishing tackle and whatever outdoor activities your family enjoys.

Use your fall camping trip as a way to bond with your family and enjoy the changing leaves and scenery.

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