mountian bikesMountain bikes are super versatile. They can be used to haul groceries home, cruise along the bike path or tour around the planet. But their primary use is for capably getting their riders along dirt trails—mountains are optional. If you are shopping for a mountain bike, it is important to know your riding style.  This will help in the selection process.  Lighter models with full suspensions can be pricey.  What is your budget? It IS possible to purchase a mountain bike that is suitable for your budget. Test ride.  Shops that sell mountain bikes expect this to happen. Do not hesitate to ask to test drive before purchasing.

It is important to know your riding style.  What is your experience when it comes to riding a bike?  Do you like variety?  Do you plan to choose bike paths?  What is your fitness level?  Basic models work well for occasional use and family outings.  If you want farther, faster, and higher; then it is a good idea to spend money on your bike. How physically fit are you? Are you active? If you are active and in good condition, it is a good idea to choose the challenging trails.  You will most likely want a full-suspension bike. How wide or narrow, flat or steep, smooth or bumpy are the trails you plan to ride? The type of trail can have an influence on the most appropriate bike for you. Ask experienced riders what sort of mountain bike is suitable for the trails in your area.

Mountain bikes are described and advertised by a variety of terms. Knowing the language can help make a more informed choice.  There are trail and all mountain bikes.  A trail bike is a general purpose bike for everything from dirt roads to a single track.  All mountain bikes have stronger frames and longer suspension travel.  They are used for technical trails with steeper descents and increased obstacles. Cross country bikes are light nimble bikes best for competitive events featuring steep ascents and tight turns. They are not suited for the high impact of jumps and landings. Emphasis is on speed, ascending and cornering.

Armed with the above knowledge, now is a good time to head to the specialty bike retailer to determine your frame size, identify some suitable models and try out a few bikes.

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