morning fishingSummer time is always a hot bed for fishing in Texas.  Summer, more than any other time of the year, offers coastal anglers a variety of fishing options. Not only are there more species of fish available during the summer months, there are also more places and ways to catch them. Fish may be shallow or deep, in the flats or along the channel edges. And, this may change not just from day to day, but throughout any given day as the sun and temperature rises. Being versatile and capable of making a change in locale or technique from hour to hour can make the difference between catching fish all day and just catching them during a portion of the day.

Wind, sun, temperature, the tide, and cloud cover are important variables when it comes to fishing. Most of these variables exist singularly or there may be a combination. There are things you can do that will improve your fishing expeditions. Early morning is always the best time of day for fishing opportunities. Fish become more energetic overnight by the radiant cooling of the water. Probably the most common mistake by anglers starting their day during the summer months is looking too deep too early. Usually, by the time most anglers arise, the fish have already staked out their hunting grounds along the shallow shorelines and flats. Because the fish have already moved high on the flat before the sun has risen, it is best to work the flat from the inside out, meaning starting shallow and slowly working deeper. So, in order to work a flat efficiently and not waste any precious early morning hours, it is important to start casting in the shallowest water possible. As you begin working out, you can easily eliminate water which is not active. Once fish are found, it is usually a matter of simply staying on them and following them as they transition to deeper water as the morning wears on.

By mid-morning, the water begins to warm and the fish begin transitioning to deeper water. This is the period of the day when the fish are the most scattered. There will still be some fish ultra-shallow, while others will already be on the edges of the flats and along the drops. Sight-casting is at a premium during this time frame, as the fish are still relatively shallow and the sun is high enough to penetrate the water and allow them to be seen.

Summer afternoons can be downright miserable to fish. But, they can also be extremely productive. During the mid-day heat, fish once again become concentrated. This time the majority of the fish will be stacked up in the channels and over deeper structure such as mid-bay reefs or platforms.

As the day wears on and evening sets in, it’s time to go right back where you started. Begin fishing on the outside breaks work slowly toward the shoreline. Evening fishing can be some of the best action of the day. Often times, especially if sunset coincides with good tide movement, the action will continue into the night. Fishing off a lighted dock or pier at night is a great way to extend the fishing day. Summer nights are more comfortable for both fish and fishermen. As the water cools through the night, the fish become increasingly active.

There are many variables that can determine a successful fishing expedition. Know where the fish like to congregate in the morning, noon, and evening and then set your sights in the right direction.  Fish, like people, have gathering habits.  Understanding these habits is essential for the “catch”.

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