waverunnerWhen the first personal watercrafts were introduced in the United States, they were vehicles that were used by solo riders only. They were not easy to control and could only be mastered by a few. Today’s personal watercraft vehicles are user-friendly, reliable, fun, and functional.   They are now designed to have tandem riders, as well.

Waverunners use a jet-propulsion system to suck water in and blow it out, forcing the craft to move forward. The system consists of a gasoline engine, which drives a propeller that’s housed in a tube which has an inlet in the front lower half of the craft, and an outlet at the rear. A small rudder controls the direction of the jet of water, thus controlling the direction of the craft. The rudder is connected to the handlebars, and takes very little effort to turn. Today, most manufacturers are moving toward four-stroke engines, for better fuel economy and emission-control. They are also very quiet.

If you are purchasing a waverunner for family use, you will want to consider a larger unit, capable of carrying passengers and pulling floats. You usually have to get a 3-person personal watercraft to pull a float, along with a large engine.  If you will be spending a lot of time on the water, consider a newer four-stroke unit, for increased reliability, and decreased fuel use. These are quiet, too.

If you like to blaze through the waters and racing is a part of your motive for purchasing a personal watercraft; it is a good idea to check out racing venues and the availability of support in your area, for racing. Big, comfortable waverunners are still remarkably fast, so don’t think that you have to buy a “sport” version to get substantial thrills.

Summer is near.  Imagine yourself cruising across sparkling blue waters.  Many now are powerful enough to pull skiers and wake boarders. Waverunners, personal watercraft vehicles have become a familiar part of life on the water.  They are a great craft for fun and care-free rental boating at resorts.  Many are used as rescue craft to protect people on the beaches and other bodies of water. They are also used as patrol craft for marine police.  But on the lighter side, they are a great way to explore new horizons.

Waverunners have evolved as a sport.  They now make up the landscape of some of the most popular beaches and lake resorts.  They are easy to operate and offer a wide range of uses for those who love the water.  What could be a better leisure activity this summer than time on the water with the wind blazing around you?

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