boat liftBoat lifts are used to lift the boat and store it above the water surface. Floating boat lifts are used on floating docks. They are most often used in areas where the shoreline is marked with high water and fluctuates frequently throughout each season. They can be connected to standing docks or seawalls.  A minimum water depth of four to five feet is required to use a floating boat lift. These lifts come with tanks that actually lift the boat from the water when filled with air. To lower, the boat, the air is released. Another type of boat lift is the mounted boat lift.  This one is used primarily by sailboats and boats with towers. They use motorized winches to raise the boat.  They are mounted against the seawall and constructed with a cable mounted frame that lifts the boat. It is available with many capacities and chosen according to the size of your boat. There are different lifts for different boats.  Weight, size, and model will determine the boat lift that is most suitable for you and your boat.

Davits are a nice economical solution to pick your personal watercraft or boat up and out of the water. The davit looks like a “boat lift” crane with a single drop down cable that hooks onto a harness to pick up your boat, or the lifting eyes firmly attached to the hull of the boat. Davits start at a 500-lb rating and go up to a 5500-lb rating.

Cantilever lifts also have a long history of trouble-free performance. They require few moving parts for superior reliability and place less stress on pulleys and cables. In the lift’s fully raised position, cables carry no weight; the load is entirely supported by the frame. These lightweight and less expensive lifts are used for small to medium boats.

The lightweight design of the hydraulic boat lift makes it easy to move. The weight it can lift ranges from 1250 pounds to 10,000 pounds. It is identified as the most standard lift because it is electrically powered making it easier to control.

A boat lift is a necessary part of maintaining and protecting your boat in the same manner as a garage is a normal part of maintaining your car or truck. You have made a large investment in purchasing your boat, now you can protect it with the purchase of a new boat lift. A boat lift will keep the damaging watermarks off your boat as well as keeping your boat safe from rough water during storms.

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