fishing lureIf you are hoping to hook a trophy bass, you need to equip your fishing gear with the right bass lures.  There are variations to consider – smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass. Heavyweight bass in hidden crevices of the rockiest lake will swim in your direction when they are beckoned by the intense vibration of precision-tuned lipless crank baits. Even schooling bass just out of cast range will want to annihilate the spinner bait, but the wire’s flexible memory and added toughness will stand up to the most determined largemouth bass. So, what does it take to lure in that prize winning bass?  Experienced anglers are completely educated when it comes to lures for bass fishing. There are collections of lures that carry a complete selection of dark colors for dark days and light colors for those sunny days. With the best bass lures in your tackle box, you’re bound to reel in that trophy bass on every trip. There are bass fishing lures for hot water, cold water, warm water, murky water and clear water. Experienced bass fisherman generally will narrow down their options when preparing for a fishing expedition.

Most professional anglers guard their lure expertise carefully but there are some strategies that will benefit those of you who are yearning to go bass fishing. Stick baits belong to a large category of bass fishing lures known as top water baits. They are used as the name implies. Top water baits attract fish by creating a distraction on the surface of the water. Stick baits require skill from the fisherman because the motion they create mimics the movement of surface-swimming baitfish. Perhaps the best known stick bait is one called the Zara Spook, a cigar-shaped lure that can attract bass to the surface from as deep as 25 feet. Like all top water baits, stick baits are most effective when water temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Stick baits work best in clear, open water and can be used on the surface of shallow water or the very top layer of water of any depth.

Another popular lure for bass fishing is the “chugger”.  This top water popper is designed to ripple the surface of the water and cause popping or splashing sounds as you retrieve your lure.   Poppers come in styles and colors patterned to resemble many of the favorite snack choices of a hungry bass, including frogs, shad, bluegill and minnows. While the shape, color and size should be selected to match the baitfish that live in the waters you are fishing, all poppers have a cupped lip that creates the distinctive popping and splashing sounds you want the bass to hear when the lure is jerked sharply out of the water. The first top water poppers were made from solid wood, and a few still are, but most are now molded from hard plastics. Top water poppers can be used around grasses, stumps and shorelines, as well as in open water. In clear water, a popper on the surface can attract a bass from depths of more than 30 feet. Popular brand names include the Pop-R, Chug-N-Spit, and the Popper.

Real grubs may be a gardener’s worst enemy, but their soft plastic namesakes are often a fisherman’s best friend. Unlike their living, soil-dwelling counterparts, the versatile grubs used for bass fishing come in a range of colors, sizes and styles. Grubs work in both cold water and warm water and can be attached to a range of different hooks, rigs and weights to help them sink to the desired depth. In cold wintry conditions, both curly-tailed grubs and flat-tailed grubs can lure in the sluggish fish that swim along the lake bottom or hide out under docks, vegetation and natural debris, and in warmer temperatures, grubs can be effective in shallow water as well.

Spoons are typically considered deep water lures, used to catch bass swimming down on the bottom or suspended at midlevel depths. Because of their weight and the thickly vegetated areas where they are often used, spoons require a heavy line and a medium to heavy rod.

Whatever you choose to “lure” in the big one – make sure you ask someone in the know.  Bass fishing is a unique sport.  Learn from the pro’s so that your fishing adventure will be “reeling” with success.

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