rvtypesThe term, recreational vehicle, has been utilized to describe any vehicle used for recreational purposes. However, specifically, an RV is generally a transportable, motorized or non-motorized vehicle that contains, at the very least, a bed for sleeping.  Most RV’s include a kitchen area, a bathroom, a dinette, and often an area with a couch or other lounge chairs. Recreational vehicles are mobile. They are generally from 10 to 45 feet long. There are several classifications that are designed for specific needs.  What type of recreational vehicle will be suitable for the type and amount of traveling that your RV will be used for?

A Class A is constructed on a specially designed motor vehicle chassis. These are the favorites of those that motor in their homes on a full-time basis. A Class B motor home is more compact.  It resembles a van. These, too, are popular because they can be parked in the family garage or driven around town as a second vehicle. A Class C motor home is built on an automotive-manufactured van frame with an attached cab. The motor home manufacturer completes the living section and attaches it to the cab section. A fifth wheel travel trailer is very much like a conventional travel trailer except that it is built with a raised forward section for a bi-level floor plan. These, too, are popular with full-timers, but they are pulled behind a pickup truck with a special hitch. They are considered to be very stable to tow and incredibly spacious. A travel trailer is the most traditional recreational vehicle.  It has been around for much longer. These are the least expensive recreational vehicles and can be pulled by most vehicles. The more powerful the tow vehicle, the longer travel trailer that can be towed. Fifth wheel trailers can only be towed by a truck.  A truck camper is a recreational vehicle designed for part timers. The living area is placed on the bed of a pickup truck. Access to the living area from the cab is seldom available on this style of recreational vehicle. The slide-in camper can be easily removed upon arriving at a campsite. Pop-up trailers are great for campouts when the weather is mild. They are the least expensive. As the name implies, folding camping trailers fold up for rolling down the highway. Once at the campsite, however, they are easily expanded into a spacious recreational vehicle with plenty of amenities. These folding trailers are very popular with younger families.

The choice between motor home and travel trailer sometimes is the most daunting decision. Statistics will be of little help to you because motor home sales and travel trailer sales are about equal at 45% each with the remaining 10% going to fold down trailers.

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