A Seadoo is a vessel on a much smaller level.  Though smaller in stature, it requires the same amount of safety on the sea. The first and foremost to always remember is with regards to the personal floating devices you use when operating your Seadoo. Whether you are driving or just a passenger, you are required to wear a properly fitting personal flotation device. An approved life jacket will have a label inside stating that it meets safety standards. Make sure you look for this label, and ensure that it covers the requirements for your local water safety regulations. It is important to remember that as the driver of a Seadoo, you have a moral responsibility to ensure that your passengers have and wear a personal flotation device which will keep them afloat any situation where they leave the Seadoo and enter the water. As is true with all vessels on the water, it is extremely important to remember to never mix boating or “Seadooing” with alcohol.  Not only is it illegal, it is extremely dangerous. It is a good idea to always plan for a designated- driver. Another safety tip is a good preventative tip. Although Seadoos are equipped with lights for low visibility driving conditions, driving at night when there may be invisible or unmarked hazards anywhere on the water is simply a dangerous activity. You will be unable to see any stray objects in the water on top of that  If you get in trouble at night, there is very little chance that you will be spotted, and even if someone knows you are missing, rescue efforts will be severely hampered by the lack of visibility. Another practice that many Seadoo owners don’t take seriously is putting too many people on one Seadoo. Make sure that your Seadoo is rated for the number of passengers that you plan to transport. Also keep in mind that your Seadoo will handle differently with different numbers of people aboard, so if you have a 3 passenger Seadoo, decrease your speed and give yourself plenty of maneuvering room when travelling in crowded waters. If you need to transport more than the recommended number of people for your Seadoo, you could instead tow one or two people behind the Seadoo using a towing toy. It is best to think of a Seadoo in water like a motorcycle on the highway.  The rules are the same but never lose sight of the fact that the other vehicles outweigh your vehicle exponentially.  Adhering to water safety significantly enhances the enjoyment you will have riding over the waves and enjoying the outdoors. Source: “Seadoo Safety.” HubPages. Web. 10 Dec. 2012. Follow Us: FacebookFoursquareTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn Contact Us