One of the many enjoyable things you can do this time of year is to view fireworks from your boat. There are many places that are designated as good places to view fireworks from after you have launched your boat for 4th of July activities. It is important to check out the local notices to mariners for your specific area that include special Coast Guard instructions for boaters during the event. So here you go. You are enjoying the luxury of owning a boat and at the same time, you are viewing fireworks with friends and family on the water. The reflections from the sky are like no other firework experience.

You must, however, consider your challenges for this event. It will be dark and it will be crowded. Make sure that all anchor and running lights are running properly. Make sure that you have all of your safety equipment, including a whistle or very loud sound device that can act as a warning. As always, there must be a life jacket for every person on board. Keep in mind, all law enforcement agencies will be out in full force. They WILL be checking.

There are other recommendations that will most assuredly make this event more enjoyable and safe. Use ear protection for children or hearing-sensitive adults. Exploding fireworks are amplified on open water. Leave pets at home. Loud sounds and disorienting lights can cause a good bit of anxiety for four-legged creatures. The crew and captain do not need the added distraction of calming a nervous pet.

Arrive early. Whether you are rafting with other boats or dropping anchor, you will not regret getting there ahead of time to stake your claim while there is still some daylight.

For the safety of all passengers, the captain and crew members should stay away from adult beverages. There is plenty of time for partying after the show and all are back on dry land. It is also advisable to keep your musical entertainment off or turned down low. Firework shows usually include musical accompaniment that provides plenty of entertainment.

Turn off all non-required lighting and never add to the show. Do not launch your own fireworks from your boat. This can be extremely dangerous. The display from the sky is beautiful and provides plenty of entertainment. You do not need to add to the show.

There is no hurry to exit at the end of the show. Statistically, most accidents occur when there is a “mad dash” back to the dock after an event. Enjoy the full sky of stars while the masses leave the area.

Enjoying a fireworks show from the water is one of the great delights for any boating family. It’s an experience you won’t forget. And with a few precautions and a little planning, you can make it an experience you can enjoy safely.

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