An all-day interactive exhibit featuring knowledgeable educators to teach.
Stingrays are amazing creatures that inspire curiosity, awe and sometimes even irrational terror but rarely indifference. Why they engender such strong feelings among us varies from a primordial fear of large predators to a respect for their incredible abilities and a deep appreciation of their power and grace.

There can be up to three species of stingrays displayed in this exhibit. These rays are some of the most common of the over five hundred species known to man. Southern rays (Dasyatis Americana) are very friendly and can grow up to six feet across. Cow Nose rays (Rhinoptera Bonasus) are hearty eaters and have good eyesight.

The tank is built high so you can get “face to face” with the animals. These rays are very smart; we teach them to eat out of your hand in just a few days!

All the rays in the exhibit have had their defensive barbs removed so they are safe to touch. These barbs grow back in time, so when we return the rays to the wild they can defend themselves again. Removing the barb does not hurt the animal and makes them as safe to touch as a house cat! We capture our rays at approximately 3 to 4 years of age. The rays are on display for about a year then returned to the wild.

Some of the other creatures that may be on display are Horseshoe Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Star Fish, and Conchs.

kids boat building

Why Wait? Start Training Your Boater Now!

Back This Year – Boat Building for Kids! Children of all ages are invited on Saturdays and Sundays to help build an 8-foot wooden dinghy-style boat. All participating kids will be eligible to win a drawing for the finished boat! The Southwest Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society will conduct supervised boat-building sessions on both Saturday, Jan. 3rd and Jan. 10th from 11am to 5pm and both Sunday, Jan. 4th and Jan. 11th from Noon to 5 pm. This event is open free of charge to all children who wish to participate. The boat is an 8-foot pram-style dinghy. All the wood pieces will have already been cut. Assembly is by clamps, glue and screws driven by battery-powered drills. During the show each participating child will be issued a ticket to hold and we will conduct a drawing at the end of the last session to select the winner who gets to keep the finished boat.

As an added bonus this year we are inviting all willing children to help rebuild a 1955 Evinrude 5½ hp classic outboard motor! This will be a real nuts and bolts, hands-on experience on how all the individual parts fit together to make up a real operating engine. We will also issue tickets to participating “wrench-bending” kids for a separate drawing at the end of the show for a 3hp antique motor to take home and rework on their own.


Relive the Golden Age of Boating

Visit the Antique & Classic Boat display at the Houston Boat Show and relive the golden age of boating! Whether you are interested in the heritage of boating, historic preservation or just the romance of an era gone by, you won’t want to miss the lovingly restored vintage boats at this year’s show. Sleek styling, varnished mahogany wood exteriors, leather interiors, and polished chrome hardware – all serve to distinguish these beautiful boats. The display is sponsored by the Southwest Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society. Serving Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas, the group is dedicated to bringing people together with a common interest in preserving and enjoying antique and classic boats.


Tried & True: The BASS TUB Returns

Get up-close views of a big bass striking a lure, as professional angler Chuck Devereaux demonstrates a variety of techniques for casting and retrieval.

Visitors to this year’s show will marvel at the giant 5,000-gallon Bass Tub aquarium, which offers views from both sides and stands nine feet tall. A Bass Tub is a unique aquarium, over 40 feet long, which rolls down the highway as a gooseneck trailer and is transformed into a natural habitat for thirty to forty fish of various species. To simulate the conditions normally found in nature, the tank comes fully stocked with rocks, stumps and dozens of live fish. Using live fish during our demonstrations offers you the chance to see the fish and lure presentation in action. This is a great educational experience for the newbie and the veteran.

Throughout the ten-days of the show, fishing fanatics will find Devereaux perched on top of the massive tank as he demonstrates the proper use of fishing lures and offers other helpful suggestions. Stop by and see how your favorite fish reacts to Devereaux’s techniques and get a first-hand look at how lures operate in the water.

The goal of the BASS TUB is to entertain by demonstrating fishing techniques. We want spectators to get excited about fishing! We share fishing information from seasoned professionals for individuals who are experienced anglers as well those amateurs who want to learn. This information teaches you the basics, and professional tricks of the trade for effective fishing!


Fish-O-Rama picture

FISH-O-RAMA: A Boat Show Tradition

Come enjoy the 59-year-old Houston Boat Show tradition at FISH-O-RAMA for a rare chance to fish for rainbow trout (native to the rivers and lakes of North America) in the indoors. Fish-O-Rama is a great opportunity to introduce kids to the challenge of fishing for this hard-fighting and tasty fish. Kids of all ages can take their catch home with them or just take home the story of the big one that got away.

So come by, grab one of the already baited fishing poles, and get ready to hook your own prize rainbow trout. Personnel are on hand to help with your catch. Anglers can keep or release their fish, and staff will even bag it for you to take home. Plan on hanging around the show a little longer? No problem; they can even keep your catch on ice until you are ready to reel it in for the day. Don’t miss your chance to hook ‘The Big Catch’.

Graduation 2007 Doerr


Roll, flip, and spin on water without getting wet in one of our giant human hamster balls!

Come enjoy the 360 degrees of fun you can have with Bubble Runners. Used by all ages, all over the world, these giant inflatable balls are 5.5’ and you crawl inside for a splashing good time without getting even one drop of water on you. Once inside, the ball is filled with air and you can run like a hamster in an inflatable pool. Bubble Runners are a safe way to have fun and make great memories to talk about for years to come.

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